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★ Scoreboard, Tablist, NameTag, Chat, 1200+ Placeholders, WorldSupport...! ★

  1. The "Goodbye Spigot, Hello Marketplace" Update


    This means:
    • The plugin will work like normal, just instead of Spigot on Marketplace.
    • You will have in the future the possibility to create own CTSNC modules and upload them on Marketplace for everyone.
    • If you have any question, ideas, wishes you need to post them on CTSNC Marketplace.
    • I will not answer anymore private conversations regarding CTSNC.
    • There will be no official answers anymore in the CTSNC Resource thread here on Spigot.


    This is the next evolutionary step of CTSNC, so I hope everyone of you will
    like the new own CTSNC website.
    It was a lot of work, but I think it is a good next step to keep the development of CTSNC going on and to give all of you a better usage experience :)

    Now to the patchnotes of this update...

    * Fixed error on world change

    * Removed Spigot update support

    * Added module version to the start information

    * Scoreboard Module Update:

    • Performence improvements

    * Stats Module Update:

    • Blocks mined will now also be saved

    Blocks mined variable:
    * Requires the newest Stats module version (1.2)
    * http://herbystar.eu/resources/stats-module.5/

    * [ctsnc-player-blocks-mined]

    TPS variable:
    * Changed TPS mechanism
    * Fixed scoreboard exception

    ASkyBlock variables:
    * https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/askyblock.1220/

    * Re-implemented hook
    * Re-added old variables and changed them to match the new syntax
    * Re-activated the option to disable / enable the variable replacement in the Variables.yml

    * [askyblock-player-challenge-status] - show the status of the current challenge
    * [askyblock-player-challenge-times] - show the times of the current challenge

    * [askyblock-player-location-warpowner] - show the warp owner of the current location (If there is one)
    * [askyblock-player-resetsleft] - show the amount of resets left

    * [askyblock-player-home-world] - show the home location of the player
    * [askyblock-player-home-x] - x coordinate of the home location
    * [askyblock-player-home-y] - y coordinate of the home location
    * [askyblock-player-home-z] - z coordinate of the home location

    * [askyblock-player-island-name] - show the island name of the player
    * [askyblock-player-island-level] - show the island level of the player

    * [askyblock-player-island-world] - island location of the player (world name)
    * [askyblock-player-island-x] - island location x coordinate
    * [askyblock-player-island-y] - island location y coordinate
    * [askyblock-player-island-z] - island location z coordinate

    * [askyblock-islands-world] - show the world name where all islands are contained in
    * [askyblock-islands-count] - show the amount of all islands

    * [askyblock-spawn-world] - world of the spawn location
    * [askyblock-spawn-x] - x coordinate of the spawn location
    * [askyblock-spawn-y] - y coordinate of the spawn location
    * [askyblock-spawn-z] - z coordinate of the spawn location

    * [askyblock-spawn-range] - show the spawn range

    AutoSell variables:
    * https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/autosell.2157/

    * Option to enable/disable variables in the Variables.yml
    * Setup check & hook added

    * [autosell-multiplier-max] - max multiplier
    * [autosell-player-multiplier] - current multiplier of the player
    * [autosell-player-multiplier-timeleft] - time left until multiplier expires

    * [autosell-player-shop-name] - shop name (player)
    * [autosell-player-shop-priority] - shop priority (player)
    * [autosell-player-shop-size] - shop size (player)

    * [autosell-format-items] - item format
    * [autosell-format-thousands] - thousands format
    * [autosell-format-millions] - millions format
    * [autosell-format-billions] - billions format
    * [autosell-format-trillions] - trillions format
    * [autosell-format-quadrillions] - quadrillions format

    * [autosell-fortune-drops-max] - max fortune drops
    * [autosell-fortune-drops-min] - min fortune drops
    * [autosell-fortune-modifier] - fortune modifier
    * [autosell-fortune-multiplier] - fortune multiplier

    * [autosell-interval-sellannouncer] - interval of the sell announcer
    * [autosell-interval-ingottoblock] - ingot to block interval


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