[CTSNC] ★ Animated Scoreboard and Tablist, NameTag, Chat, ... ★ [Protocol Hack] [1.8 - 1.12] 12.0

★ Scoreboard, Tablist, NameTag, Chat, 1200+ Placeholders, WorldSupport...! ★

  1. The Auto Download Update

    * New option "AutoUpdateDownload" in the config.yml
    => If enabled CTSNC will now download and install
    the newest version of CTSNC automatically
    • If you want to use an older version of CTSNC you need to turn this option to false!
    • => Else it will force your server to update until you reached the newest CTSNC version
    * Updated join notification

    PermissionsEx variable:
    * New Option to enable / disable pex prefix formatting. This includes following formatings: (Variables.yml)
    • remove the last two chars
    • remove the [ & ]
    * You need to regenerate your Variables.yml & restart the server 2-3 times!

    ASkyBlock variable:
    * Fixed spawn location error

    LibsDisguise variable:
    * https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/libs-disguises.32453/
    * Option to enable/disable variable support. (Variables.yml)
    * [libsdisguises-player-isdisguised] - show if the play is disguised or not
    * [libsdisguises-player-disguise] - show as what the player is disguised

    BungeeCord variable:
    * Is now disabled by default (BungeeCord option in the config.yml)

    Iconomy variable:
    * Does now show with 2 decimal values
    • Before: 150€
    • Now: 150.56€
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