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  1. I updated mi CTSNC to the lastest version, also CTNSC_Scoreboard 1.1 to CTNSC_Scoreboard 1.6.
    but now , scoreboard not works on my server , i guess that is for the "WorldList" but no , i set the value in true but not works
    [CODE]  WorldSupport: true
      - world
      - CallejonDLondres
      - Faro
      - Hogwarts
      - Inicio
      - Londres
      - Londres-cd
      - londres-solo
      - Madriguera
      - MadrigueraInicio
      - privetdrive
      - prueba
      - Survival
      - world_nether
      - world_the_end

    and i also i try to set the value in false , but it still no works.

    Only the scoreboard works if i type the command /cts me scoreboard. and if i put this in some world not problem , but if i change of world the scoreboard dissapers. :/
    this is a big problem to my server , please help !!
  2. There is no world support at the moment for CTSNC. Also it seems there is a bug in the latest scoreboard module version. I recommend to use the scoreboard module 1.4 version ;)
  3. What CTSNC version did you used before?

  4. i used 11.4 before update to the lastest version
  5. Can you please send me your console log?

  6. I have updated my cts_scoreboard to version 1.7 and now works perfect in all worlds thanks !!!
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