Bug with TabList ?

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  1. Hi, I installed all CTSNC modules and I have a pretty anoying bug: The TabList. Whenever I move(Even just my head) the color/prefix in the TabList Disapear. It's pretty anoying 'cause I want my player to see the TabList correctly at anytime :/
  2. Well, I don't know why but now it work perfectly. But because I hate create a topic for nothing: Is there a way to show the player CustomTag in the scoreboard? The [ctsnc-player-name] just show the name and [ctsnc-player-displayname] show the Pex prefix and the player name :/
  3. Okay good that it works now :)

    No, because I think you missunderstood what a CustomTag actually is. The player name is the name set by minecraft. The CustomTag is a modified version of the player name, which means that it is the displayname. So the displayname show the CustomTag.
    If you want something different, please say it I will try to understand & implement it.
  4. When I put the Displayname it put the Pex prefix and not the CustomTag :/
  5. Only the pex prefix or also the player name?
  6. Both, but because it's too long not everything is displayed
  7. So, but this is the normal function of the variable. What do you want to be displayed?
  8. I want to display the CustomTag+PlayerName, but apparently there's no way to do this.. Would it be possible to add a Variable for the CustomTag in the VariableList ? Something like [ctsnc-player-customtag], in the TabList it show perfectly and I want to put the same in the ScoreBoard
  9. Can you send me a screenshot of your CustomTag and the CustomTags.yml.
    Also are you using the DisplayName module?

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