CTSNC Lag Fix - Work in Progress

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  1. Hi everyone,
    this thread is for all who experience lags with the current version of CTSNC.

    There are already a ton of reports about this problem, but it is quite complex and not easy to fix.

    As I have holidays at the moment I started to work on that problem and I will post updates about the current situation in this thread.
  2. UPDATE:
    Fixed the well known join lag and made CTSNC+ (8.2) fully free of lags, got the performance improved by more then 70%.

    I will release the update today or tomorrow, depending if I find somethings to add or not.

    Now its the turn of CTSNC, I already got the join lag fully removed and the overall performance increased. After some investigation it seems like the NameTag module is producing massive lags of the scoreboard. (The scoreboard title animations aren't fluid anymore)

    => So I recommend to put the NameTag module out if you experience that kind of lags and want a fully fluid scoreboard title.
  3. UPDATE:
    I rebuild some parts of the NameTag module to reduce its required resource costs.

    The reason for the lags wasnt the NameTag module, instead it was the content updater of the scoreboard module that produced the server lags.
  4. UPDATE:
    The scoreboard content lag is fixed and the overall performance improved by around 60-70%.

    I will release a update today for the DisplayName-, NameTag and Scoreboard module which contain a lot of improvements regarding the performance.

    You will need to download them in order to use the newest CTSNC version!

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