Desactivate collision ?

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there's a way to desactivate collision? I tried to put collisionRule to never on every teams and create a new team just for this but nothing work.. I don't know why the plugin cause this issue but it's pretty annoying..
  2. What issue? What do you mean by collision?
  3. Pushing people, you can desactivate this in scoreboard teams option but even when I try to nothing's working
  4. Oh. Now I get what you mean. I dont think you can change the rules manually for the teams (if you use CTSNC), I would need to implement a option in the next update.
  5. Ok, and btw, in the wiki you say that 1.8pvp plugin is incompatible but everything but collision removal work perfectly ^^
  6. The option will be included in the next update with the NameTags module, but you will see more informations about this in the patchnotes ;)
    Also what do you mean with the wiki? Are there also other plugins that doesnt work with CTSNC? :rolleyes:
  7. In the wiki you say that 1.8pvp plugin can conflict with scoreboard module but there's no bug with it ^^ and if I'm not wrong the PermissionsEx Prefix & Suffix have been fixed? ^^
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  8. Well, then time to update the wiki :D

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