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  1. Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to add faction support? I want to show faction before the name of the player in the chat but there's no option for that.

    Plus, it would be useful to have a configuration guide, cause(For me) the CustomTags file is a bit weird, I changed and added some things and now nothing appeir in the TabList. The scoreboard also stopped working for no reason..

    PS. Sorry for my english, I'm french so I do my best to be as clear as I can.
  2. Factions is already supported. You will find all variables on the corresponding site:

    Also I recommend to check out the faq for the CustomTags ;)
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    It's good but, I want to have the chat like this: [FactionName(With color of the relation)][PexPrefix(With color and [])][PlayerName(With color put in the config of the prefix from PEX] » Message
    So something like this:
    Faction [Fondateur]C0LiSii0N » There's my message
    Enemy [Fondateur]C0LiSii0N » There's my message
    Ally [Fondateur]C0LiSii0N » There's my message
    Truce [Fondateur]C0LiSii0N » There's my message

    The problem is: The color don't match like it sould for the relations(And player with no faction appaer with Wilderness when they're not supposed to) and the [ ] of my configs don't show up, any solution?
    There's my config:
        ChatFormat: '[factions-faction-name][permissionsex-group-prefix][ctsnc-player-name]
          &7<9> &f%2$s'
          prefix: ' &f[&4Fondateur&f]&5'
    EDIT: I used Faction config directly, much easier.
  4. The [ & ] get removed in the current version by CTSNC. There will be an option in the next update to disable the formatting.
    Until then you can download a snapshot with a fixed version here: http://snapshots.herbystar.eu/de/Herbystar/CTSNC/11.6-SNAPSHOT/CTSNC-11.6-20170430.104931-6.jar
    (You will need to regenerate your Variables.yml and disable the formatting)

    The chat formatting syntax is completely corrent.

    I think I cant do much about the factions name, I get it from the plugin directly and if there are colors set for the faction name it should also be displayed in CTSNC.
    Also any player will appear with the Wilderness faction by default. If they have a faction and still appear as Wilderness, it need to be an setup error of Factions.

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