Put CustomTag in tablist?

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    I was wondering if there's a way to display the [ctsnc-player-displayname] in tablist? Because now the tab just put normal white name for everyone..

    EDIT: Also in the scoreboard I put [ctsnc-player-displayname] but sometimes(every 5-6seconds) it put the normal [ctsnc-player-name]
  2. In the Chat.yml (Chat module need to be installed), is a option called "CustomChatName" that should enable it, but I am not completely sure if it affect the tags itself anymore. I will check that when I am back out of holidays ;)
  3. The CustomChatName is enable, when I change my gamemode I see the CustomTag but in TabList it's the normal white name :/ Anyway, we'll see that when you'll be back :p Have fun ;)
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  4. Hm CTSNC modifies the normal name and add the prefix set for the customtag/permission. So you would need to edit the prefix/player name if you want to modifie the nametag.
    Also did you install the NameTag module?
  5. Uh? I'm not sure to understant what you just said ^^" And I installed all the modules :/

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