Bukkit ★ Scoreboard Module ★ 1.9

Fully customizable scoreboard with more then 1200 variables and an advanced Anti-Flicker!

  1. can you add footer in scoreboard for putting the web page?
  2. You mean a seperate option for footer in the config? You could just use the last scoreboard line for the website ;)
  3. yes, separate option, because, i would like to have other options in the body, and in the header i have the name of the server, the body, has diferent game variables, and i would like to have a footer to put the web pages and may be other sponsor
    sorry for my bad english
  4. But the footer would just be the last line of the scoreboard?
  5. yes is the last line,
    one something more, can you do something for show the prefix of the luckperms rank? instead of the primary-rank?
  6. I will see if I can add a new variable for the prefix in the next update :)
  7. Is there currently a way to reload CTSNC and all its modules and yml files? If not can you possibly add a /cts reload command to do this?

    Would be great as I have to keep restarting the whole server to make little changes to scoreboard and what-not!
  8. Well there is a /cts reload command, but I dont recommend to use it. I may rework it, but I would still recommend to restart the server, because of all the animations and other things.
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    Unlimited Scoreboard Update

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